Survey On Modality Environment, Usage And Condition Of Ultrasound Equipment Printers (Black And White And Color Printers)


The client, a leading manufacturer, wanted to understand the modality environment, usage and condition of ultrasound equipment printers. across healthcare facilities such as hospitals across the following regions- USA Germany India Africa Region (Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania) The client was also interested in understanding the usage of color, black and white, and ultrasound equipment printers in the target regions.


We provided the following insights based on analysis of the survey 1 and 2 Interview summaries Utilization trends of these printers, By number of ultrasound machines By Type of printers By Specialty (Radiology, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology Future trends


Secondary Research – We refer the sources such as Survey 1 - domain-specific websites, hospital directories, associations, TBRC internal databases, research articles, publications, and other relevant sources. Survey 2 – Directories, associations, publications, research articles, and statistical databases. Primary Research – We conducted over 130 interviews for survey 1 and 194 interviews for survey 2 covering hospitals (public and private). We spoke with Technicians or operators of ultrasound and endoscope equipment Physicians/ Assistant nurses/Medical Staff working in radiology, gynecology, gastroenterology, pulmonology Other relevant executives

Client Benefits And Feedback

The survey helped the client to understand the usage of the printers and the demand for these devices in the future across various target countries.