Differentiated Company Data To Strengthen Your Competitive Intelligence

Why a well-defined competitive intelligence framework will help your company succeed

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We help you gain a complete understanding of the competitive scenario by providing customized reports

Companies often need relevant, accurate information about their competitors to stay updated on their activities and build strategies to keep them relevant. We provide customized reports on competitive intelligence, prospect profiling, and due diligence.

We also help you spot potential opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations that will help you scale your business in new ways. Sales professionals, business consultants, and analysts are best benefited by our service and could make the most of it to accelerate growth.


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TBRC's Competitive Intelligence Services Can Help You:

  • Discover trends in the market and help you prepare for the future
  • Analyze your competitors’ strategies and predict their next move
  • Spot potential restraints that could hinder your company’s growth
  • Find newer opportunities to scale your business
  • Keep your sales team up to date, enabling them to develop impactful strategies
  • Benchmark against competitors and identify areas in your company that need attention
  • Make informed decisions with conviction

We can assist you in developing informed strategies by leveraging our accurate competitive intelligence data, enabling you to strengthen your position in your industry.

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Our competitive intelligence reports include:

Company Information

  • Key facts about the company and its history
  • Corporate structure and key people
  • Partners and clients
  • Products and services
  • Intellectual property including patents
  • Assets and capital equipment
  • Value chain assessment

Financial Analysis

  • Debts and liabilities
  • Asset and capital equipment valuation
  • Spend on marketing, operations, R&D and cost of goods sold
  • Income/ profit by product division
  • Ratio analysis of financials

Strategic Analysis

  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Gap analysis
  • Market attractiveness
  • Market share comparison
  • SWOT
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Resource- based analysis

Marketing Strategy

  • Consumer test marketing messages
  • A/b Testing
  • Channel testing

Distribution Strategy

  • Distribution channel analysis
  • Supplier and resource procurement