Survey on PhenoVista Biosciences for Cellular Imaging


The client wants us to analyze the services of PhenoVista, a CRO engaged in cellular imaging and phenotypic studies on cells. The project scope is as follows: Profiles of Services offered Technology profile Average price for undertaking each of the services


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including: List of services offered by PhenoVista Biosciences Highlights on the technology profile Insights on the average prices of the services offered by the company


We will mine paid and public sources to obtain information on the scope provided. The types of sources that will be referred to are as follows Company website of Phenovista Biosciences Articles and Blogs Press Releases Presentations Others We also collected insights through primary interviews. We contacted the following respondents: Research Associates Office managers Product managers Senior Executives Other Relevant Executives

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was extremely satisfied with the study and it met the client’s requirements This study aided the client to understand the current trends in technology profile and the average price of each service.